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After the Fair at Bampton, Devon, October 26th to 28th 2012



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Sue Franklin & Tim Brine

Tolpuddle Man


The Song Of The Tolpuddle Martyrs by Joe Stead         

Mick Ryan and Grahame Moore which the Tolpuddle Man song featured in the musical show The Tolpuddle Man. http://www.bymoore.co.uk/  and www.mickryanfolkshows.co.uk and www.jacaranda-music.com/ryan.html

Sue Franklin and Tim Brine are superb multi-talented musicians and singers, they are one of the very top folk/contemporary duos here in the South West and have been in great demand to perform at festivals, clubs and other big events. Their first album  Distances with songs like “Put on the White Dress” and their own “Long white Cloud” song once played is very difficult to keep out of the CD player. I've had one of their CD’s in my car for quite a while now and whenever I need a real ‘pick up’ therapy I play it through, it works for me.  

Sue Franklin & Tim Brine

Long White Cloud


Sue Franklin & Tim Brine

Sue Franklin & Tim Brine

Put on the White Dress


Dave Swarbrick & Ralph McTell www.ralph-mctell.co.uk/uk.html

Sylvia Watts

Cider for Me


Sylvia Watts

Sylvia is a great singer/songwriter and has recorded Seasons Turn and To Tarry and Stray CD at Wild Goose studios with Doug Bailey. Sylvia sings with her band QUALITY STREET with John & Kay Quinn. Sylvia recorded Rise Like Larks CD at Foxide Music with Pete Collins, Lynne Heraud and Pat Turner who also accompany her on this album. Sylvia’s songs are so popular that they often get picked up by other performers. Sylvia has appeared in her right at Reading folk club, Lewes Folk club and The Somers Club in Worcester.

Sylvia Watts

Slaves Lament


Robbert Burns www.bbc.co.uk/arts/robertburns/works/ the_slaves_lament/

Chris the Hat (Chris Harvey)

Raglan Road


Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh www.tcd.ie/English/patrickkavanagh/ wrote the lyrics and Luke Kelly, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Euafm LvoJow of The Dubliners, set to the music of the traditional song "The Dawning of the Day"

When I first heard Chris sing it was in a very loud pub session, I couldn't quite hear him clearly enough, but what I did hear was more than enough to invite him to record a few songs in the caravan. His guitar playing style is very distinctive and his performance is very mesmerising. In the following days since recording him I've played his performance of Bob Dylan’s “Its Not Yet Dark” over and over and still I want to play it again!   

Chris the Hat

Galway Shawl


A Traditional Irish song

Chris the Hat

Its Not Yet Dark


Bob Dylan

Parker and Watts

I Must Learn Something New


Parker and Watts

These guys are really such a great act, they are so funny and very very popular both at clubs and festivals wherever they appear. They have quite a unique talent for songwriting ‘music hall type material which they perform with great style and panache. As well as being a talented duo they are also very good individual performers with a great repertoire of songs too.

Parker and Watts

My Concertinas Knackered


Parker and Watts