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Banbury Song and Ale Festival  - April 7th 2013



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Winter Wilson

Gona Ride Back Again

http://youtu.be/tIzIWp yNKKU


Winter Wilson are now on tour! With a fabulous package of new songs, make a note of seeing these very popular and talented guys they are great act not to be missed.

Winter Wilson


http://youtu.be/KzZe3Z pYpOQ


Winter Wilson

Still Life in the Old Dog Yet

http://youtu.be/BBIw7C eq3Nc

Winter Wilson

Winter Wilson

Were Cutting Free

http://youtu.be/TdVjkiG F5OE

Winter Wilson

Winter Wilson

This Day is Mine

http://youtu.be/aXNFN vWZU8w

Winter Wilson

Morning After

Pay Me You Owe Me

http://youtu.be/gmFtW fPolh0


A very welcome  return to the caravan recordings, a firm favourite with many audiences for this group of great singers.

Morning After

An Evening in Summer

http://youtu.be/_vvQDe QWsLI

Written by  Graeme Miles

Aileen Hood

Spootiskerry and Wiljafjord

http://youtu.be/_wfvlg ODHe8

Traditional Shetland tunes

What a lovely lady and someone who plays great tunes. I now have the pleasure of having recorded both a talented mother and daughter, I wonder can there be any more family yet?

Aileen Hood

Lynmouth Bay and Stoney Steps

http://youtu.be/qkuBvx YS468

Aileen Hood

Dave and Julia Taylor

Steamboat Sailor

http://youtu.be/VQ6Z0 5SK_zc

A Paul F Eady's song

I love the gentle and sensitive way this couple present a song, what a pleasure to listen too. Dave is also a well respected songwriter whose songs have been  entertaining many around the folk circuit.

Dave and Julia Taylor

Need for Wings

http://youtu.be/AMYLQ zCgfRY

Written by Paul Metzers

Dave Taylor

Range Rover

http://youtu.be/hddZPn aaZcU

A Dave Taylor song

Sally Vinson

Jenny Wren

http://youtu.be/rRjcJw -I2eE

Written by Sally Vinson

Well what a singer song writer Sally is, she made the ‘hairs on the back of my neck’ stand up. I can’t believe that I just invite people to the caravan to sing and they come and just simply mesmerise me with their over following abilities.

Sally Vinson and Al Neville


http://youtu.be/xN4M QA3Y0pQ

An Al Neville song

Al Neville

Unexpected Item

http://youtu.be/O32YT FXp1Vg

An Al Neville song

When I first heard Al sing I thought this guy is special and very funny singer/songwriter. His card says: Songs to make you laugh and cry (not necessarily at the same time), how very accurate the description, I like to see a whole evenings worth of Al.

Al Neville and Sally Vinson

Children Again

http://youtu.be/9GKBH 8ixiJs

Written by Sally Vinson

Hector Gilchrist

Somewhere Near Otago

http://youtu.be/zLuTFlh Sd_I

Paul Metzers

How lovely to see Hector again back on the folk circuit and looking so well. These recordings are as usual up to his  high standard that we have always expected from him.

Hector Gilchrist

Shean Road

http://youtu.be/hJmtnb KyX2o

Ian McCalman

Jacqui Morse

Miners Lullaby

http://youtu.be/weYgcY 32M6U

Written by Claire Beorn Norman and Jonathan Berger

Well I first saw Jacqui creating beautiful crocheting at the festival and she was also singing along with the choruses at the same time, talk about multi-tasking! Jacqui also has a fine voice as you will experience in her recordings.  

Jacqui Morse

Telling the Bees

http://youtu.be/IrxIGg VOsd4

Rachael Livingston

Final Trawl

http://youtu.be/sZ3pR WTpAF8

Archie Fisher

Another welcome return to Rachael and with a great interpretation of Archie Fisher’s song the final Trawl and Rachael’s own tune.

Rachael Livingston

Itching River

http://youtu.be/EQDmd ZrtlvI

Rachael Livingston

Alice Wylde

Bill Stafford

http://youtu.be/gYmcJ WM5lkI

Traditional American

I first saw Alice perform at The West Somerset Festival last year and was lucky enough this time to get her to come to the caravan and record a few songs at this years Banbury Song and Ale, a great voice!

Alice Wylde

Sons of Ireland

http://youtu.be/5zfJpj 59nW0

Traditional ??

Alice Wylde

You Ain't Just a Whistling Dixi

http://youtu.be/Vt8rkJ RfO-o

By The Bellamy Brothers

David Wylde

Franklins Lament

http://youtu.be/NzmVV nYOxX8

Reputed to have been published as a broadside as early as 1852, allegedly written by Jane Griffin, Lady Franklin

It was lovely to hear the most romantic way that David met Alice in the states and you hear this on David’s recordings as well as his singing Lord Franklin’s widow’s lament.

David Wylde

Cool of the Day

http://youtu.be/CBDhFb WUc54

A Gene Riche song

Kevin Sextant

Salisbury Plain

http://youtu.be/N8487 nuKLyE


Kevin is one of those singers of fine voice that adds greatly to every good singing session and can be relied upon to bring out the best songs that we all love.

Jeremy Blatherwick

Jeremy has some really good paradises that are funny and entertaining delivered with a dry and deliberate wit!

Jeremy Blatherwick