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Crediton Folk Festival  - April 12th to 14th



YouTube Link



Huw Chidgey and Catherine Handley

Bonnie Bessie Logan

http://youtu.be/h92M JU_IeWM

Bonnie Bessie Logan is by a singer/songwriter song by Jean Redpath www.jeanredpath.com

I have to pinch myself back to reality when I remember the unforgettable experience  I had with these two wonderful artist playing for me in the caravan for almost an hour. Huw has such a delicate  way of performing songs and with Catherine sensitive haunting  accompaniments what stunning results! I wonder if these beautiful voices are especially cultivated in Wales and only given out to special people. It’s very difficult to record the  dynamic and electrifying experience of Huw and Catherine performing so the only way others can  enjoy this is either buy their CD or better still, treat yourselves and go  see them.

www.catherinehandley.co.uk  and http://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=3XWcGEoRMmw and   http://www.youtube.com/watc h?v=hSOq1ykzKhg

http://www.catherinehandley.co. uk/section673301.html

I often feel this project is  tough, but  someone has to do it, so why not me!

Huw Chidgey and Catherine Handley


http://youtu.be/c15Lic UsPRg

Nick Burbridge www.burbridgearts.org

Huw Chidgey and Catherine Handley


http://youtu.be/H8sft T3P4lo

Robert Atkins www.myspace.com/fro statmidnight

Huw Chidgey and Catherine Handley

Whistle Sets


Two  by Catherine and one traditional www.catherinehandley. co.uk

Huw Chidgey and Catherine Handley

Ride On

http://youtu.be/i1pKS0 DKb0w

Pete  St Johns  and tunes by Catherine. www.petestjohn.com www.catherinehandley. co.uk

Huw Chidgey and Catherine Handley

I Couldn't Take My Eyes Off Her

http://youtu.be/G4rRR KoxyQM

A song by Dave Paskett  www.davidpaskett.co. uk/  

Dowr Gwydn (Laura and Molly)


http://youtu.be/LluZ9 NDnVF0


How lovely to welcome back to the caravan two lovely young ladies with such great potential for our future.

Gillian and Rob Guest

Gloucester Hornpipe

http://youtu.be/yFtBt4 oje6A


The festival were very blessed to have Gillian and Rob Guest, who are from the Forest of Dean area, to appear at this years Crediton festival. Gillian and Rob are very skilled musicians and have a wealth of knowledge of the original history of the songs and tunes they perform. They also appear as Bygonz performing  mediaeval  acts which include hobby horse, jig doll, hurdy gurdy, pipe and tabor. For more information see: bygonz.blogspot.co.uk or contact them direct at rodandgillian@gmail.com

Gillian and Rob Guest


http://youtu.be/_l5V9 DkG1w8


Gillian and Rob Guest

Pasicalli Phil Day

http://youtu.be/Ybsvf 0IYBDw

A tune written in Spain in memory of Phil Day

Gillian and Rob Guest

Ruffty Tuffty Hunt the Squirell and Jamaca

http://youtu.be/MfOc Zb4Rlwk

From the Playford collection


Dixie Darling


The Carter Family

Abacus are the very talented Hazel Rider and Pete Lloyd who play a variety of instruments to great effect. They have appeared at many festivals around the country and are  an exciting act to experience. You can see more of them on the following  YouTube clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=Prlu5wnsinw  and http://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=WowyOUs0fJc



http://youtu.be/qVol7 wj4WRc

A traditional Appalachia tune


Sparkling Brown Eyes

http://youtu.be/okjTB KTgoX0

Written by American singer and songwriter Dickey Lee  


I Guess You Win Again

http://youtu.be/Ma_Z 0wP78v0

Hazel  Rider

Bob Rutherford

Portuguese Waltzes

http://youtu.be/ewEqc RVCnmI

Bob who is currently a visitor from St Johns Newfoundland and offering some great tunes from overseas and a great story of the origins.

Glen Bower

Tralee Jail and Maggie in the Woods

http://youtu.be/Emc4z hJEJ0k


A welcome return to the caravan  for Glen a great and popular musician on the festival scene who was the first ever artist to appear on Songs from the caravan.

Jon Stevens

Down by the Dockyard Wall

http://youtu.be/yQLO YyiUh7o

Shep Woolley

What a really lovely Cornishman and a great singer, recently of the  fabulous Hanging Johnny crew, but here performing solo with some great songs and a story.

Jon Stevens

Down in the Diving Bell

http://youtu.be/mxb0 Xx5_dN0

Traditional song from Padstow

Paul Menear


http://youtu.be/SPC13 jDOkRg

Ronnie Lane

It was nice to see Paul performing some great songs at the festival and I bet he is very popular wherever he appears.

Paul Menear

Johnny Come Lately


Steve Earl



http://youtu.be/EuDU mo9ZEBw


Pip I’m so sorry I forgot to take your details, if you could contact me to give me some information on the tunes you played that would be great or if anyone else knows Pip I would be grateful if they can please contact me



http://youtu.be/9cakC pXnHaA




http://youtu.be/FZCDL vKVslg


Ann and Dave Reader

James Brindley

http://youtu.be/OBX6 bx1kQ7Y

Dave Reader

Ann and Dave Reader are very popular guests at many festivals with their lovely gentle self-penned songs. They have already 3 CD’s to their credit and the songs have become so well sung that they are becoming almost ‘traditional’! A real pleasure to have recorded them and hopefully more time to record them again in the near future.

Ann and Dave Reader


http://youtu.be/zWXe G9jBFnY

Dave Reader

Ann and Dave Reader


http://youtu.be/kPvwC rJsRF0

Ann and Dave Reader

Ann and Dave Reader

Severn’s Kiss

http://youtu.be/AeN_x Ukg-_A

Ann and Dave Reader

Ann and Dave Reader

Shape Dance

http://youtu.be/keLcR z1sS00

Ann and Dave Reader

Mary and Derek Droscher  with 'rent a mob' on chorus

Cadgwith Anthem

http://youtu.be/BCDzJ W6xi5I

Traditional song from Cornwall

A really special welcome to a couple who have for the last 14 years run  the very successful Banbury Folk Festivals and Folk Club that have seen a stunning line-up of guest from near and far, a credit to them both! Mary and Derek run a Winter Song and Ale Festival as well as the main event in October, for more information watch this space: http://www.banburyfolkfestival. co.uk/

Mary Droscher with Derek

Penny for the Ploughman

http://youtu.be/kYiK7f nq7tU

Colin Cater

Derek Droscher

Old Johnny Poker

http://youtu.be/jD1Ey qLP60E