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Wimborne Minster Festival June 7th to 9th



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http://youtu.be/2 Ft6tMzMuto

For more information about Ninebarrow you can access them at the following: www.reverbnation.com/nine barrow‎ ttps://www.facebook.com/ Ninebarrowtps://www.facebook.com/ Ninebarrow/info w.youtube.com/watch?v=H 2q4Xt-G_xg and also at soundcloud.com/jon-whitley-1/ninebarrow-birdsong‎


What an exciting and very talented Dorset based duo these guys are. I suspect audiences around the festival, club and radio scene will be hearing quite a lot more of them in the coming time ahead. Ninebarrow  are Jon Whitley and Jay Labouchardiere who perform a range of folk-influenced material with tenor ukulele and well crafted vocal harmonies, they have created such a unique distinctive sound.



http://youtu.be/z S87NdfImDE



http://youtu.be/H FSI34T_AXE

Two Coats Colder


http://youtu.be/O HWr1pdL-kA

All songs written by

Two Coats Colder

For further information go to: twocoatscolder.com

What a pleasure it was for me to have such a vibrant and diverse group of musicians come into the caravan to perform for an hour on a beautiful sunny day at the festival. Quoted by Sue Marchant, the Evening Regional Presenter of BBC Local Radio for the Eastern Counties  "Two Coats Colder" deliver the warmth of every story within their songs and performance". This North Essex based group should not to be missed and more information regarding their upcoming festival and club gigs, or to buy their CD’s can be found from their website . Thank you guys for the  treat!

Two Coats Colder

The Garden

http://youtu.be/G ODKW_BNgmY

Two Coats Colder

She Said

http://youtu.be/I 3gTigHR3KQ

Two Coats Colder

Six Thousand Miles

http://youtu.be/I 3gTigHR3KQ

Two Coats Colder

All Inside

http://youtu.be/q 7u3SKInGzI

Two Coats Colder

So Alive

http://youtu.be/A etmphnohy8

Richard Gracie

When I Was Young

http://youtu.be/c z2mYkU0Yr0

Richard Gracie

Richard is a Dorset basedsinger/songwriter and who's refined voice can be heard at many of the festivals and clubs around the area. When he sang his own When I Young song it transported me back to my own youth recalling all the places I used to visit and the fond memories, ask him to sing it, it’s a great song!

Richard Gracie

Tolpuddle Martyrs

http://youtu.be/D R3x2Vdld0U

Joe Stead sharemyplaylists.com/artis ts/Joe+Stead/...Tolpuddle +Martyrs/lyrics‎

Merv Else

With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm  

http://youtu.be/8 BQWcp4hCZs

This is a darkly humorous song, written in 1934 by R. P. Weston and Bert Lee, originally performed by Stanley Holloway. It tells of how the ghost of Anne Boleyn haunts the Tower of London, seeking revenge on Henry VIII for having her beheaded.

Merv thank you so much for giving audiences far and wide your lovely range of wonderful songs that are always entertaining. I’ve heard Merv at many clubs and festivals over the years and I never tire of his songs, sadly I’ve only managed so far to record him once, so look out in the future for other recordings!

Peter Orton

The Funeral Song

http://youtu.be/5 PPmqfjXoPE

Keith Marsden www.cockersdale.com/PAG EKEITH.HTML‎

This lovely man has so many great songs in his repertoire it is always such a pleasure to hear him sing, I so wish I could record much more of him..

Sue White

Camping Nights and Roving Days

http://youtu.be/F aUYVhYKOQQ

Dave Evardsson  www.daveevardson.com/‎ and at  www.daveevardson.com/d ave--julie-evardson---music--songs.html‎

As well as being a fine singer with a vast store of both modern and traditional songs, Sue is a great influence on the dance scene encouraging and promoting Morris. Although Sue is based in North Devon she can been found at many a festival far and wide!

Sue White

Niall’s Quest

http://youtu.be/b cB6FKlI0aA

Yvette Staelens can be found at:  www.rootsquartet.com/‎ and at www.guardian.co.uk/profile /yvette-staelens‎

Martin Gosling

In the Sidings

http://youtu.be/f fzD7x1-lwM

Cyril Tawney mainlynorfolk.info/cyril.t awney/songs/index.html and at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyr il_Tawney‎

It was great to catch Martin performing this in the sing-a-round at Wimbourne with this great Cyril Tawney song.