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After the Fair at Bampton, Devon, October 26th to 28th 2012



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Hazel Underwood

Harriet Tubman


Walter Robinson onehotmusical.com/bio.html

Hazel is such a lovely singer and a joy to have in any sing-around contributing great songs and this is one of those.

Gideon Barrett

The Ferret


Derek Jolly http://www.countrymusic.org.uk/communi ty/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=6877&start=15

Gideon contribution to the folk scene is immense, whenever he’s around there's only good fun and exceptional singing to be had, you cannot escape, his energy is so infectious! His range of songs is huge, from gentle and sensitive interpretations about touching subjects to rousing, boisterous performances.  You may notice in the video that the whole caravan has a distinctive shake  about it, his performance was enthusiastic to say the least! Gideon’s version of ‘The Ferret’ is still to my mind the definitive one which others have tried to emulate, but have failed! Gideon has been part of the memorable Hanging Johnny shanty crew and is currently with Flash Jack. Gideon we all love you and I believe some of the women may do too!


The Dogs they held a Meeting


Merv Vincent mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=18455

Nidge (Nigel) has a great singing voice and he is currently involved with Rum and Shrub Shanty Men,  a great Cornish group that performing shanties, sea songs and traditional folk songs. www.rumandshrub.co.uk/


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Harry ????

Nidge and Gideon

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Alan Whitbread and Sandy Waller

British Grenadeers


A traditional marching song of British and Commonwealth realm military units

Alan Whitbread

Grey Funnel Line


Cyril Tawney Cyril Tawney was an English singer-songwriter, proponent of the traditional songs of the West of England and traditional and modern maritime songs en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyril_Tawney and  www.last.fm/music/Cyril+Tawney

Alan Whitbread is a fine  singer and musician of Traditional material. Alan’s sensitive interpretation of this Cyril Tawney song is quite touching and I’m sure if Cyril  could have heard it, he would have approved.

Sandy Waller

Andy and Lynne

Jock O'Hazeldean

(Child ballad 293)


Traditional Scottish Song published by Sir Walter Scott.

I remember a few years ago at Wadebridge festival when  Andy and Lynne were among others who entertained the whole pub from about noon till midnight, now that’s stamina and a hell of of lot of songs! Andy and Lynne  come from the Nailsea/Bristol area but can be found at lots of other festivals and pub sessions all over the country. They have a huge repertoire of material and music, it was great that they were able to find time to come to the caravan to record.

Andy and Lynne

The Lockkeeper


Stan Rogers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT-aEcPgkuA

Andy and Lynne

Norland Wind


From the beautiful poem by Violet Jacob www.angus.gov.uk/history/features/peop le/jacob.htm

Dowr Gwydn Ade and Laura

Scottish Tunes


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It’s always lovely to see young talent on a folk scene that is predominately full of mature people and to see this family play with such maturity and potential it’s an even greater pleasure. Laura is is 12 and Molly is 8 but going on 9, we don’t know about dad, Ade, but he’s quite young too! When you hear them play enjoy them and just imagine them in a couple of years time! Thank you mum and dad for the encouragement you give them and providing us with such a treat! I believe Dowr Gwydn is Cornish for White River!

Dowr Gwydn Laura and Molly

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Dowr Gwyn Ade, Laura and Molly

Cornish Tunes


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The Quigleys Roger and Jo

Belfast Mill


Phil Coulter ??

Meeting people whilst collecting songs from the caravan is always a pleasure and catching up with Roger and Jo  who are such a lovely couple   makes it even more enjoyable. They both run a folk session at The Sailor’s Return in  the Weymouth harbour area every Wednesday which I believe has been running for 30 years or more. They also put on the Wessex Folk Festival in Weymouth also every year.

The Quigleys Roger and Jo

Rare Old Times



The Quigleys Roger and Jo

Dorset Forehand Reel


Pete St. John

For Chords Sake

Only You (And You Alone)


Written by Buck Ram and Ande Rand. It was recorded by the Platters in 1955.

Its always great to listen to these guys when they turn up at festivals. They offer that ‘something different’ aspect with lovely harmonies and popular songs that we all know and can join in with.

For Chords Sake

Hello Mary Lou


Gene Pitney http://www.songwriter.co.uk/page71.html and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_Pitn ey

Gerry and Sue Mogg

New York Girls/Jenny Linn Polka



Gerry and Sue are from the Bishops Lydeard area of the West Country but can be found at many other festivals and events all over. It’s always a pleasure to hear this lovely couple play and they can only but add to the overall quality of the sessions they play at.

Gerry and Sue Mogg

Harliquin Air and Tom Tolly’s Nutall


Harliquin Air by Climax Ceilidh Band and Tom Tolly’s Nutall is most possibly Traditional

Jan and Sarah Edgecombe

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Jan is well known  on the folk/festival scene by her large black van from which she provides fantastic  facilities for children, face painting etc., as well as being an accomplished musician from Cornwall. She is joined here on the video by her daughter Sarah.

Jan and Sarah Edgecombe

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Mike Truelove

I Can’t Help it if I Fall in Love


Hank Williams was an American singer-songwriter and musician regarded as one of the most important country music artists of all time. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hank_Williams

Wherever there's a good music session you will find Mike joining in with his harmonica accompaniment, here he plays a solo of a Hank Williams song I Can’t Help it if I Fall in Love .

Patsy and Terry

Gypsy Lady



Patsy and Terry are from the Bournemouth area  of England but can be found far and wide at many other sessions and clubs. Patsy has a beautiful relaxed style  of playing the guitar and a  gorgeous voice to match. Terry’s sensitive  and complimentary fiddle playing puts the final ‘cherry on the cake’ .  

Patsy and Terry

Painting Box


Lyrics by The Incredible String Band The Incredible String Band were a psychedelic folk band formed in Scotland in 1966 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Incredible_S tring_Band

Patsy and Terry

The Water is Wide  (O Waly, Waly)


A Traditional folk song of Scottish or English origin, based on lyrics which partly date to the 1600s